Terry Blevins discusses his previous work in law enforcement as a police officer working in Arizona, to now providing security for the cannabis industry and how he has been actively educating government officials regarding the realities of legalization and decriminalization.

Terry Blevins, MA is a Los Angeles based American senior security consultant, specializing in physical security, executive protection and investigations. Terry grew up in Latin America and speaks Spanish and Portuguese, also having worked part of his adult life in the region. He has worked in local and federal law enforcement in the U.S., eventually transitioning into corporate security, living and working around the globe. He has worked for several corporations, including a role as the CSO for a large gold mining conglomerate and most recently as head of security for Beats by Dre at Apple Inc. Terry is a speaker and advocate for LEAP, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, is passionate about drug policy reform, and reducing harm through social justice as well as policing reform. He is currently focusing his efforts on providing security for the Cannabis industry in the role of President/CEO of Armaplex Security Group. Terry has also been actively educating government officials regarding the realities of legalization and decriminalization. Terry presents the case that well regulated Cannabis businesses often reduce crime, decrease the black market and increase tax revenue for those jurisdictions allowing businesses to be licensed.
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