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YASSSS, California

The California cannabis community was ecstatic last Friday, when the Bureau of Medical Cannabis dropped the proposed rules for medical cannabis. “The proposed licensing regulations for medical cannabis are the result of countless hours of research, stakeholder outreach, informational sessions and pre-regulatory meetings all across the state,” BMCR Chief Lori Ajax said. “And while we have done quite a bit of work and heard from thousands of people, there is still so much more to do. In order to make our program successful we still need your feedback.”

These draft rules tell cannabis operators specific things on how they’ll need to operate. Read them here asap, so we can get your opinion on them. You an also listen to our podcast when we interview the BMCR here.

LIV Strong. Fear Not.

Lawmakers in Colorado, Washington and Alaska aren’t afraid to step up to the federal government this week, co-sponsoring a law to serve cannabis business. Congressmen Ed Perlmutter wants to make the banking system legal for cannabis businesses by introducing the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act (the SAFE Banking Act). This means the potential for banks to serve the cannabis business legally.

Is the third time lucky for bringing banking to the cannabis sector? We’ll see.

Smoke what? And fly home? 

It’s probably out of fashion to try and board a plane with five pounds of marijuana if you are an international drug lord. You’ve got to be much more creative than that. But with the help of airport police, cannabis businesses in Alaska are taking advantage of air travel to transport their cannabis. In some cannabis friendly states, airports have adopted new rules, allowing people to travel with plant material on in-state flights. This gives the chance for smaller places (like towns in Alaska) which aren’t easily accessible by car to stock commercial marijuana.

We’re curious on the TSA Rules…

Pennsylvania on Track

The legalization movement is on track in Pennsylvania, and things are moving. By the end of June, the state will be issuing the first licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana. So far, there are permits being processed for 126 dispensaries and for 152 growers. If things keep moving this quickly, the York area might be the greenest part of the USA.

Pennsylvania licensing fees are no joke. An initial fee for a grower is $200,000 with an application fee of $10,000.

US Visas for foreign cannabis entrepreneurs?

The USA is well known to be the land of opportunity, the place where dreams come true. Nothing seems to have changed with the introduction of cannabis into that whirlwind of opportunities. Immigrant families aren’t shying away from using the flourishing cannabis industry as a means to make their dreams come true in the USA. More and more immigrants are stepping into the cannabusiness for its potential for success!

Secret Scandals in Indiana!

Apparently, Mr Donald Trump has been in a secret investment group that had the intention of cashing out on a potential cannabis market in Indiana. But, of course, he had no idea that the group had cannabis interests! Um, what? It seems Mr Barack Obama was also in this investment group, along with many other lobbyists. “Two investors in the company told IndyStar the primary aim was to influence legislation that would enable it to secure a place in the lucrative marijuana market.”

It doesn’t seem that any laws have been broken, but things don’t smell quite right. It definitely doesn’t give the public in Indiana any more faith in their already struggling government.

And more of the same….

Is anyone bored of talking about Donald Trump’s opinion on cannabis? It changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up! There is always some anti-weed talk going on in the federal government, whether it’s Jeff Sessions or some other part of the Trump cohort. But Serge Christov (a marijuana farm investor) says it’s all just reefer madness. It’s so refreshing to hear someone say that it doesn’t really matter what anybody says! The cannabis industry seems to be moving forward without waiting for anybody’s permission!

If that isn’t the closest thing to the truth we’ve heard in a long time…

A favor? 

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